Khan Boghu

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  • Middle Eastern Middle Eastern (culture)
  • Giant Giant (attribute)
  • Sorcery and Medicinal Sorcery and Medicinal (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)

A Giant from Armenia who was said to be invincible. He had seven souls which he kept well protected outside of his body so that no one could defeat him. His seven souls were inside seven sparrows which could not be caught. These seven sparrows were in a magical pearl box with a strong lock which could not be opened. This box was in turn inside a fox that could not be caught. Lastly the fox was inside an ox which could not be overcome. Khan Boghu caused terror among people knowing that he was invincible. A hero named Badikan took the challenge to defeat this Giant. Before encountering the ox, Badikan went to a house of sorcerers to ask for advice. The sorcerers told him that the only way to overcome the ox was to make it drink from seven barrels of wine. Badikan left the barrels of wine out and opened. The thirsty bull came and drunk the barrels dry. At this point it had lost its focus and in its drunken state, it was slain by Badikan. When the ox slumped dead to the floor, Khan Boghu in his home felt great pain. Badikan then caught the escaping fox by its tail and cut it open. When this happened, Khan Boghu’s nose started to bleed. Badikan used all his strength and broke the pearl box. When the box shattered, Khan Boghu started to cough up blood. The birds were then released. Badikan chased them and caught two, strangling them. With two souls destroyed, Khan Boghu fell to his knees. When two more sparrows were strangled, the Giant’s arms and legs went numb. When a further two birds were killed, Khan Boghu’s stomach and liver burst. When the last bird was crushed, the life force of Khan Boghu seeped out of his body in the form of black smoke.

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