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  • Middle Eastern Middle Eastern (culture)
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  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)

The name literally translates as ‘Fish Woman’ and is the female variant of the Kulullu. Some say the Kulullu were a race of creatures, while others state that it was only one creature. Either way the Kulullu has the upper-half of a human and the lower-half of a fish. They were born from the goddess Tiamat and Ansu and led by Qingu in an epic battle against the sun god Marduk. There were ten creatures in all that fought in battle. Kulullu and the other ten monsters were defeated by the valiant Marduk.

A modern day Satanic cult called The Temple of Black Light contains a ritual for sorcerers call upon the power of Tiamat to summon Kulullu and the other ten creatures in a sacrificial ritual of eleven black candles.

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