Lambton Worm

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  • Medieval Medieval (culture)
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A troublesome worm of medieval England. When the heir of Lambton was fishing, he thought he would have a good catch but the apparent strong fish he pulled to the surface was a small puny worm. He threw this worm into a well thinking nothing of it. The worm grew to enormous size and had to live in the hills when it grew too big for the well. It then wreaked havoc on the countryside and killed livestock. The heir tried to satiate its first by providing it with milk so that it killed no more, but this was too difficult to keep up. A Witch advised him to wear spiked metal body armour and to go to the hills and he would win. However he had to promise to kill the first creature in sight after the worm or else the next nine generations of Lambtons would not die in bed. The heir arranged for his dog to be sacrificed and asked his father to set it free. After killing the worm he blew his horn and his father came running up to congratulate him forgetting to release the hound. He saw his father but blew the horn again and killed his dog that came running. According to historical records the curse came true and all nine Lambtons died violent deaths.

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