Llwydawg the Hewer

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A fierce boar from the legends of Ireland and Wales. He is the son of the notorious Twrch Trwyth. Along with other sibling the family of giant boars ravaged the land of Ireland. King Arthur then pursued these beast killing all but three with many of his own warriors slain. The surviving boars, Twrch Trwyth, Grugyn Silver Bristles and Llwydawg the Hewer Swam across the Irish sea to Wales. Here they devastated the countryside but were still pursued by King Arthur. A massive battle ensued of which many men died and Grugyn Silver Bristles, too exhausted to fight no more, was hacked down. Llwydawg the Hewer fled as far as Ystrad Yw savaging the land until he too was caught and slain.

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