Locapala Elephants

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The Guardian Kings who protect Hindu believers and stop the corruption of their beliefs. There were eight guardians of the universe each facing the eight directions of space with the Earth upon their backs. Each has its own location and rider.

In the North is Himapandara or Sarvabhauma with Kubera on its back.
In the North East is Supratika with Soma, Siva or Prthivi on its back.
In the East is Airavata or Virupaksha with Indra on its back.
In the South East is Pundarika with Agni on its back.
In the South is Vamana or Mahapadma with Yama on its back.
In the South West is Kumuda with Surya or Nirriti on its back.
In the West is Anja or Saumanasa with Varuna on its back.
In the North West is Pushpadanta with Vayu on its back.

The elephants stand on the tortoise Akupara.

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