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A talking horse of Armenian legend who gives wise advice. The name Lulizar means ‘Pearly face’.

He features in a story where an unnamed king lost her daughter. The princess was found wandering in the forests by an old woman who herself had a daughter of similar age. The old lady took the princess in. When the old woman heard the proclamation that the king would pay handsomely for his daughters’s return, the old woman sent word to the king. Lulizar was sent to get the princess. The old woman transformed into a boy and accompanied her daughter and the princess with Lulizar back to the palace. Lulizar asked the old woman’s daughter not to ask the King for moneybut to ask him for Lulizar as a reward. When the four of them came to the King, the King accepted payment of Lulizar to the young woman and asked the boy to marry his daughter. The boy excepted but days later, the princess realised that the boy was in fact an old woman in disguise. He then sent his son-in-law, the young boy on three missions each time thinking that the mission would be too dangerous and the boy would be killed. But with the help of Lulizar the boy or old woman survived all the missions.

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