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A water sprite from the legends of Armenia. She had the form of a beautiful woman.

There is a story that tells of how she met an unlucky man who came and sat by the well. She lived in this well and instantly found the man attractive. She told the man that she wanted to marry him but he must ask for her father’s consent. The unlucky man could not believe his ears. Lusaghen said that if what she said was true then his house will be transformed into a fine palace with a golden roof and inside would be a large banquet where he will meet her father. Lusaghen was right and that evening the man met Lusaghen’s father who was the King of the Waters. The King of the Waters stated that the man must find the king of the Forests and reclaim the clothes the King of the Forests had stolen from him. The hero travelled out that night on a magnificent horse of pearl saddle and golden reins. He took the King of Water’s advice and never turned around when he entered into the forests for if he did he would be killed instantly. All was quiet as he rode down the woodland path. Suddenly he heard a noise and he unsheathed his sword. The hero was ambushed by the trees that had come to life by the power of his enemy. The hero hacked at the trees until he found the King of the Forests and defeated him in combat. With his enemy defeated he returned the King’s clothes and married Lusaghen.

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