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This is the name given to an ancient ancient tribe of Libya from the river Tritonis in north-west Libya. They were believed to hermaphrodites by the ancient Greeks. One side of their body was male and the other half was female. Pliny the Elder described them as having the breast of a woman on one side of their chest and the other being male. They had long hair tied behind their backs and an image from the Nurmburg Chronicle of 1493 depicts them as having a beard. They were reported to have fighting competitions at a annual celebration where the maidens would dress in armour and fight each other. The winner was given special armour and weaponry and was paraded on a chariot down the river. More recent historical records describe a tribe of that area and time of whom the men wore long hair and the women fought like men. This may have led to the confusion of the people being a race of hermaphrodites. Their name translates as ‘lustful’.

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