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An Indian monster notorious for its highly fanged mouth that enables it to consume anything at will. His name means ‘Intoxicator’ and he has the power to change his size and can grow large enough to swallow the universe. He was summoned by the sage Chyavana to cause havoc. When two devas ran to Indra for refuge, Indra refused to allow them to drink the nectar of immortality because the twin devas played so freely with the humans taking on any form they wished. The two twins went to attack Chyavana but were captured. When Indra came to attack the sage, it was too late as the Mada was now ready to consume the universe. Indra begged for forgiveness and pleaded for the sage to call off the attack. Chyavan agreed and released the twins on the condition that the twins were to be worshipped as gods.

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