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The Hebraic name for an Angel. They are immortal spirit who serves both God and humanity. Malakhs have a role of delivering God’s message to the people of Earth. Malakhs feature heavily in both the Old Testament and in the Qu’ran of Islam where they are known as Melek. They Malakhs of the Bible tend to be benevolent beings that aid people but some Malakhs such as Lucifer turned their back on God and cause destruction in the world. Generally Malakhs have magical powers and can cure diseases. Some malevolent Malakhs are blamed for causing plagues. Many holy people and prophets were said to have received messages from Malakhs. The Malakhs came from heaven but many escape when Lucifer opened the gates. God had no wish to reclaim these creatures back and left them to live on earth.

The Malakhss of the Bible have a hierarchy of order. The highest of Malakhs are the Arch Malakhs. These include Gabriel, Michael, Ursiel, Jophiel, Zadkiel and Samael.

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