Also known as Mamalambo

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A great snake-like creature whose task it was to brew beer, a job that usually women would do in the Southeast African tribes. It has the upper-half of a horse and the lower-half of a fish with the head of a snake. Its forelegs are very short. It lives in the Mzintiava River near Mount Ayliff in South Africa and has a hypnotic stare which it uses to captivate its victim. The Mamlamlbo glows in the dark by emitting a green light. When it victims come close, dazzled and in awe by the green light and hypnotic stare, the Mamlambo seizes them in an instant and drags its victims to the bottom of the river where it would suck all their blood from their brains.

There have been recent evidence of the Mamlambo's existence. In 1997 nine people are reported dead in South Africa's Eastern Cape province, all said to be victims of Mamlambo, the river monster. The bodies had been mutilated with bits and flesh had been torn away. the villagers claim that this is proof of the Mamlambo's existence. A sighting of a large lizard had also been reported. However the police of the Cape Town area believe that the victims had drowned due to heavy rain and that the river had worn away parts of their faces and crabs had picked away at the flesh.

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