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  • South American South American (culture)
  • Humanoid Humanoid (attribute)
  • Forest Dweller Forest Dweller (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)
  • Bigfoot Bigfoot (common type)

A strange creature from the forests of Brazil. According the the South American folklore, the Mapinguari is human in shape but covered in thick hair. Its red hair is so dense that it acts like armour and causes the Mapinguari to be impenetrable to bullets and blades. Others state that it uses armour made from turtle shells to protect itself but others say that its skin is only as thick as an alligators. It preys on humans but it will only ever eat the head. It has only one eye in the middle of its forehead and a gaping wound or mouth in the middle of its stomach. This creature is said to carry about it a putrid smell.

In one story told by Cascudo, the Mapinguari was seen having backwards feet and riding on a donkey carrying a dead body dripping with blood.

The beast is said to be 2 meters tall when it stands upright. The creature is nocturnal, sleeping during the day but awaking at night stalking its prey screaming, breaking branches and felling tress leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Some say that the Mapinguari was an Indian yogi living in the forest who found the secret to immortality but paid the price by being a smelly human. Others state that the creature is the legendary giant sloth that has long been extinct.

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