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A creation Giant from the mythology of the Wampanoag from Cape Cod in New England, USA. He fed on a diet of whales that he plucked from the ocean and smoked his pipe at dawn. This smoke creates the fog of a morning. One day whilst fishing, he got a lot of sand in his shoes. He sat on the shore on took off his left moccasinash (shoe). The sand that came out formed and island called Nantucket. The sand from his other shoe formed the island Noepe. The islands were uninhabited for many years until war ravaged the mainland. Maushop the gentle Giant took some of the Wampanoag people and took them to the island of Noepe. He captured many whales for these people. The blood from the whales stained the cliffs now known as Gay Head Cliffs known for their red clay.

There is a story that leads to the demise of Maushop. One day Maushop created the Pukwudgie people. The Pukwudgie people became jealous of the loving affection the humans had for Maushop. They tormented the people but this annoyed Maushop’s wife who shook the little creatures and threw them across the land. This aggravated the creatures even more and small outbreaks of violence and fights began to break out between the Pukwudgies and humans. When Maushop&srsquo;s five sons were died whilst trying to kill the Pukwudgies, Maushop and his wife waged war themselves on the Pukwudgie. When the Wampanoag people began to convert to Christianity Maushop disappeared from their stories and culture. Some believed Maushop died at the hands of the Pukwudgie, Others say that he gave up the fight, being too depressed at the loss of his sons.

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