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A medieval European creature that had the top half of a woman and the lower half of a serpent. Similar to the Greek Lamia. Melusine originates from the 14th Century tale Chronicle of Melusine by Jean D’Arus. The story tells that Melusine was one of three sisters of a royal family who lived in exile with their mother. Her father was King Elinus who broke his promise to his wife. The wife then ran away with her three children to a desolate island. When Melusine grew up she captured her father and all his wealth with help from her sisters. Her mother was most displeased because she still liked the King and as punishment she cursed Melusine so that from time to time the lower-half of her body would transform into a serpent. The curse was to be uplifted if she got married to a man who promised never to see her on a Saturday. Eventually she found a suitable husband and for many years he did not see her on a Saturday. Eventually suspicions overcame him and her silently spied on her and saw her emerge from bathing with the lower half of a serpent. He loved her so much that he did not say anything. The bore children but the children were half monsters. This caused the husband to wish to leave her and as a result she leapt into the sky and became a haunting Banshee of France.

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