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A legendary Wizard from the legends of King Arthur. During the Medieval period there were many stories of Merlin and how he helped the King in his quests. He arranged the birth of the King and many aspects of his life becoming a guiding force for the hero. These stories emerged from the 6th century up until the 14th century. Before hand there was no Merlin. The earliest account of him was from a Welsh story teller who spoke of a man named Ambrosius, a magician who became the adviser to King Vortigern. In History of the Kings of Britain (1136), Geoffery of Monmouth writes of Ambroisius who was the adviser to a King named Uther Pendragon. He then became the adviser to the King’s son, Arthur. The character Ambroise became a Celtic druid-like character similar to the Wildman of the Woods. Merlin once used his magic to help King Uther sleep with another woman. The child born from this union was Arthur. Merlin predicted the success of the newborn.

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