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The Moirae were the spinners of fates in Greek myth. They were among the eldest of the goddesses and were the daughters of Zeus and Themis. Some accounts state that the Moirae were created by Nyx. The three Moirae were Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos who each had their specific task in determining the fate of each individual. Coltho was the spinner who spun the thread which began the life span of a particular individual. Lachesis measured this thread in length and chose where the thread should be cut. Finally and Atropos cut the thread which then sealed the time of death for that individual. Their decision was ultimate and no god could intervene with their task. The Moirae were depicted as ugly hags who were cold and merciful. The Moirae had ministers who were oracles and soothsayers, predicting the time of death of individuals.

In one tale the thread of King Admetus begged the Moirae to undo their work and extend his life span. The Moirae claimed they could not undo their work but if another individual were to take his place in the Underworld of Hades then he would live. Alcestis, who was the wife of King Admetus took the courage to die in the King&rsquo’s place. So she died and the King lived but later Hercules discovered that she unfortunately lived in the Underworld. He then went on a quest to the domain of Hades and rescued her.

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