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A Giant from the legends of King Arthur. He is the Lord of Servage, an island of ancient Britain. The story goes that Sir Nabon was a great jouster and had a great trick that one him many a match; he hit his opponent’s square on the head causing his opponent to fall and lose.

One day to celebrate his entry into knighthood, he hosted a great party in his valley on the island where he was joined by many great knights. Of King Arthur’s knights there came Sir Tristram, Sir Segwarides and Sir Lamorak. He was killed by the Cornish hero Tristan or Tristram. Sir Lamorak took to the competition and beat many of his opponents gaining great fame at the event. Nabon had never seen a man so skilled at jousting that he complemented the man and asked if they could joust. Sir Lamorak took up the challenge and the two charged at each other with great eagerness. Sir Lamorak aimed true, but Nabon thrusted his lance into Sir Lamorak’s horse first. The horse died instantly, tumbled and Sir Lamorak fell off beaten and bruised. Nabon got off his horse and drew a sword to kill Sir Lamorak. Sir Lamorak drew his sword and shield but took a few steps back, as he was exhausted and wounded from the fall. Nabon took him to the ground and before he killed the man,Sir Tristram intervened and challenged Nabon to a duel on foot knowing that he could not beat Nabon in a joust. Nabon took up the challenged and the two exchanged many blows. They fought long without rest. Nabon asked the man for his name. Tristram replied that he was Sir Tristram of Cornwall a great knight of King Arthur. Tristram slew Nabon and the crowd favored him. He tried to give the new claimed island to Lamorak but Lamorak declined saying that Tristram was the real hero here. Since both declined, Tristram offered the island to Sir Segwarides who becoming Lord of Servage, set the prisoners free and governed the land in a fair and just way.

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