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A person who practice the Black Art to raise the dead. The word derives from the Greek ‘necro’ meaning corpse and ‘manteia’ meaning magic. They have the power to see into the past present and the future. One notorious Necromancer was the Witch of Endor from the Old Testament who was hired by King Saul to raise Samuel back to life. The Necromancer is found in the myths of Persia, Greece, Rome and in medieval Europe. The Church banded Necromancers as evil spirits and had them executed. They were outlawed in England in the passing of a Witchcraft Act in 1604. In the beliefs of the Haiti, Voodoo dolls are used to resurrect the dead. In the Middle Ages it was believed that it was possible to raise the dead by going to a graveyard at midnight and saying;

“Ego sum te peto et videre queto” (I seek you and demand to see you)

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