Nemean Lion

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A powerful lion of Greek mythology that was said to be invincible and could not be killed with ordinary weapons. It was eventually overcome by Hercules in his first task. One story tells that the lion used to live on the moon until the goddess Selene threw him off to the earth. Another says that the Nemean Lion was born from Echidna and her own son a hound called Orthos.

Hercules set out on the Nemean plains to rid the people of the terrible beast. He went armed with his bow and arrows and his club made from an olive tree that he had uprooted with his almighty strength. Later he found the lair of the lion but then he heard a loud roar. He turned around to see the lion running towards him. With dexterous motion he fired an arrow. Hi hit the beast but did not penetrate its skin. He fired again but the arrow did no harm. The lion then pounced on Hercules who at the same time smashed his club into its head realizing no sharp weapon would pierce the lion›s skin. Even this failed and as the lion went to crush the hero’s skull, Hercules used all his power to grapple and strangle the lion to death.

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