Also known as Noachian Giants.

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These Giants were a part of a genealogy discovered by the Italian monk Annius of Viterbo (Giovanni Nanni c 1432 1502). He used this to prove that Iapetus and Noah were the ancestors of the French nobility. The word Noachids refers to Noah from the famous Biblical tale of Noah and his ark. God created a great flood that drowned the whole world except for Noah and his Ark. Noah had previously been advised by god to create an enormous boat and fill it with two of each animal in the world. Everyone else was expected to die but one Giant escaped. Some historians state that the Giant was so big that he was unable to drown whereas others state that the Giant lived on the roof of Noah's ark. This Giant then went on to produce other Noachian Giants.

The Noachian Giants included: Dis Samothes, Shem, Ham, Japheth, Araxa, Crana, Cranus, Granaus, Japetus Junior, Macrus, Oceanus, Pandora Junior, Prisca, Priscus, Prometheus, Regina, Tuyscon Gigas, Thetis and Typheus.

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