Oats Goat

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  • Eastern European Eastern European (culture)
  • Rural Rural (attribute)
  • Sorcery and Medicinal Sorcery and Medicinal (attribute)
  • Friendly Friendly (behaviour)

In Prussia the Oats Goat is a field spirit that lives among farms and scares children. Farmers work hard so not to be caught by the Oats Goat. In Bohemia a man wearing horns and dressed in straw goes from house to house to dance with women and is fed and paid during a Spring celebration. In France a live goat is adorned with flowers and ribbons and is let loose to wander among the fields. After harvesting the area the goat is captured and killed. The meat is eaten and the skin of the goat is kept for a farmer. It’s meat is known to be good for back ache.

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