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A group of Demons from the Shinto/ Buddhist belief fro Japan. They come form hell to wreak havoc on earth. They have the bodies of humans with red or green colour skin. They have the heads of horses or of an ox with long talons, horns three eyes and huge bloated bellies. They live their lives with a constant thirst of hunger. When a person’s life is about to come to an end, and they have created much negative karma in their lives, the Oni will pounce on the mind of such a person and send them to hell. They shape shift in the form of a relative or friend of their victim. The Oni are said to be the rebirth of woman who have died of excessive grief. They spread disease and misfortune around the local town. Shinto priests excommunicate these creatures in a Oni-Yarachi ceremony where the Demons are sometimes converted to Buddhism.

According to Buddhist beliefs the Oni are a part of the Hungry Spirits who are one rebirth lower than animals but one rebirth higher than hell beings.

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