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A Giant of great beauty who had the ability to walk on water. His father was the Greek god Poseidon. He began his life serving King Oinoppion of Khios. However he was blinded and exiled from the land because he had raped the Kings daughter, Merope. So Orion travelled across the oceans and asked the god Hephaistos for help in returning his sight. The god told Orion to journey towards the rising sun where Apollo would grant him back his vision. Orion did this and was given back his sight. He returned to Khios but the King hid in underground chambers in fear of the Giant’s anger. Orion then became a hunting companion to the goddess Artemis. Later he died while hunting and his body was thrown to the stars where he became a constellation. A most famous story about his death recounts how he boasted that he could hunt down all the animals of this earth. Gaia tested this by sending up a giant scorpion. The two wrestled and killed each other. Both became constellations in the sky, one disappearing while the other rose. One story tells how Orion was actually killed by Artemis after he raped her attendant, Oupis.

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