Also known as Toyo-Tama

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A princess from the mythology of Japan whose name means ‘Luminous Jewel’ or ‘Rich Jewel’. When the son of the god Ninigi lost his brother’s best fishing hook, he had to retrieve it. The son known as Yamasachi (or Hoori in some versions) went into the ocean to find the hook with the help of the sea god, Owatatsumi. He spent 3 years down there and during his journey he fell in love with Otohime, the daughter of the sea god. When the hook was eventually found, the two decided to live together and have a child. Yamasachi promised Otohime that if they lived together, he would not be present at her birth. Whilst giving birth, Yamasachi could not wait in anticipation and peeked in the room to see his child. He screamed in horror to see that his lover had been transformed into a crocodile or reptilian creature. His scream alerted others to gather and Otohime slid back into the waters. Yamasachi raised his child who married his mother’s sister. This child called Jimmu became the ancestor of the Japanese Imperial family.

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