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These are goddess of fate from Roman mythology. They derive from the Moirae or fates of ancient Greek belief. At first there was only one Parcae called Parca who was the goddess of birth. This name comes from the the Latin Parere meaning ‘to create, or to give birth’.

The three Parcae were Nona, Decima and Morta who each had their specific task in determining the fate of each individual. Nona was the spinner who spun the thread which began the life span of a particular individual. Decima measured this thread in length and chose where the thread should be cut. Finally and Morta cut the thread which then sealed the time of death for that individual. This process began on the day that the name of a new born baby was chosen. Usually this happened on the 9th day from birth of a boy and the 8th day from the birth of a girl. Their decision was ultimate and no god could intervene with their task. The Parcae were depicted as ugly hags who were cold and merciful. The Parcae had ministers who were oracles and soothsayers, predicting the time of death of individuals.

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