Pere Fouettard

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A French bogie originating from the 18th century whose name means ‘Father Spanker’. Pere Fouettard wears a waistcoat, a high collared shirt with a cravat, a tailcoat and breeches, stockings, buckled shoes and a tattered hat. He finds disobedient children and has them imprisoned in his lair to be flogged. His name means ‘Whipping Father’Stories of Pere Foutard originate from 1150.

He was once an inn keeper who saw three wealthy children walking by his house. He captured the children and got them drunk. The inn keeper and his wife then slit the children’s throat and robbed them of their money. However St. Nicholas the happy Santa Claus witnessed this crime. The inn keeper confessed to his wrong doings and St. Nicholas had this man become his partner. However rather than giving children presents, the inn keeper was to punish naughty children by whipping them earning his name as Pere Fouettard.

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