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A Ghost that originates from ancient Rome. They are the souls of the dead that are not sen but they interact with inanimate objects and throw or break these objects to haunt people. The name comes from the two Latin words ‘polter’ meaning ‘to knock’ and ‘geist’ meaning ‘spirit’. There have been many sightings and incidents of the Poltergeist even in recent times.

Some Poltegeists have found to be evil spirits. The Dagg Poltergeist haunted a man and his boy in 1889 in Quebec. It first left faeces on the floor around the house. It then threw stones around the room. When the man tried to evade the path of an incoming stone, the direction of the stone changed in midair and hit the man. The boy was initially blamed and was asked to leave. He did so but the stoning continued. An investigator called Woodstock discovered that the hauntings came from a spirit that claimed to be the Devil. Woodstock made the locals sign a document as witnesses to a real haunting.

Some hauntings of Poltergeist activity have alternative explanations. The Baltimore Poltergeist haunted a family in 1960 from 14th January 8th February. The Jones family moved into a house but before long pots around the house started exploding by themselves. Objects would fly off the shelves and a sugar bowl floated in midair. Mr Jones was hit on the back of the head by a can of Saucerkraut. Mr Jones was believed to be the cause of the troubles and he was consequently poisoned by one of the family members. An investigator called Fodor came to the house and after much investigation, he came to the conclusion that the teenage boy of the family was the real source of the problem. He had developed psychic powers to move objects with his mind. The boy was disciplined and with his secret out the hauntings ended.

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