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  • Greek Greek (culture)
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A Cyclops in Greek myth that was the son of Poseidon and the flesh-eating Nymph Thoosa. He lived on an island where he kept sheep that he locked every night in a cavern sealing the entrance with a large stone. The Hero Odysseus and his men landed on this island and killed one of the sheep to eat. When Polyphemus found these men eating one of his livestock he fought the Greek warriors killing some and capturing the rest into his cave as prisoners. He kept them there to eat at his leisure. One night Odysseus offered a drink to the Cyclops. Polyphemus had never had alcohol before and was easily made drunk. He asked the hero for his name. The hero replied ‘Oudeis’ meaning ‘nobody’. Out of gratitude Polyphemus promised to eat Oudeis last. The Cyclops fell asleep drunk and Odysseus used a long stick to destroy the eye of the Cyclops. The Giant woke up blind and blamed Oudeis for this. The warriors replied that he must be mad if he thought that nobody was responsible for this. The warriors and Odysseus tied themselves to the underbellies of the sheep and escaped as Polyphemus stood guard and felt each sheep as it went past. When the Greeks escaped they mocked the Cyclops who threw stones at them. After the Cyclops complained to Poseidon, the water god then made Odysseus’ journey back home a troubled one with many difficulties.

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