Prometheus - Greek

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One of the great Titans whose name means ‘Forethought’. He was born from Japetus and either Clymene or Themis depending on various sources. His siblings were Epimetheus, Atlas and Menoetius. Whilst most of the Titans grouped together under Kronos attacked the Olympian gods, Prometheus defended them. Athene took a liking to him after she was freed from the head of Zeus. As a reward for defending the gods against the Titans, he was given the opportunity to mould the first humans out of clay. He then stole fire from Hephaestos to give to humans. As punishment from Zeus, he was chained to the Caucus Mountains. Each day vultures would feast on his liver that would regenerate each day. This torture continued for 30,000 years until the Centaur Chiron broke the curse.

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