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  • North American North American (culture)
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  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)

The Pukwudgies are small Demons from the folklore of New England. They haunt the forests of Massachusetts and are responsible for the murders and unexplained suicides that occur there. They have caused terror among the Cape Cod Native American tribes, long before the European Settlers arrived. Even to this day some people claim that the have encountered the Pukwudgies.

The Pukwudgies are 2 - 3ft high and have a large nose, large ears and large fingers. Their skin is grey and pale at certain times their skin glows. The Pukwudgies are powerful manipulators of magic . They use this to transform into animals and to disappear and reappear at will. Theya re skilled archers and shoot magical arrows dipped in lethal poison. They capture the souls of the native Americans known as the Tei-Pai-Wankas which are balls of light. They use these glowing souls to attract other natives into the woods where the Pukwudgies ambush, kill and claim another soul. Such glowing balls of light are more commonly known as Will-O-The-Wisp in English folklore.

They were originally created by the creation Giant, Maushop who had created Cape Cod. The natives loved Maushop and the Pukwudgies became jealous of this. The Pukwudgies tried to help the Wampanoag natives but their efforts backfired. Tiers of trying to help, they became a nuisance and tormented the natives. The Wampanoag natives asked Quant, Maushop’s wife for help. Qant took the Pukwudgies and shook them about confusing the little men and she threw them all across New England. Some Pukwudgie died from the fall, others were injured but regained their memory and came back to Cape Cod. Now the surviving Pukwudgies were furious and began a reign of terror, kidnapping and killing children, burning villages and seducing the Wampanoag into the forests to kill them. Maushop sent his five sons to kill the creatures but they died. Maushop and Quant took revenge and went to battle themselves killing many Pukwudgies. Some say Quant gave up and became depressed others say that she died by the creatures. Either way she phased out of the Wampanoag culture people’s faith in her degenerated and they turned to Christianity. The Pukwudgies became servants of the Devil.

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