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A seal servant to the goddess Sedna of the Inuit people. Sedna lives in the bottom of the ocean in a fortress. Quailertetang would swim from this place to the surface above where humans lived and gather information on the wrongdoings of mankind. It would then report this back to Sedna. Sedna would already have an incentive that humans were acting inappropriately because her stumped fingers would hurt. At an annual festival, men and women would pair up to dance. One person would dress up as Quailertetang and weaver in-between the dancing pairs and rearrange them. The newly created pairs would then become married to each other. This was said to be fortuitous for both man and seal. After the dance they would be a speech where any misconduct would be announced for Quailertetang to hear and report back. This was done to show Sedna that humans were aware of their misconduct.

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