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Quant is the firendly Giantess from the mythology of the Wampanoag people of Cape Cod. She is the wife of the most beloved creation Giant, Maushop.

At one time some creatures that Maushop created, called the Pukwudgies became troublesome for the Wampanoag people. The Wampanoag natives asked Quant for help. Quant took the Pukwudgies and shook them about confusing the little men and she threw them all across New England. Some Pukwudgie died from the fall, others were injured but regained their memory and came back to Cape Cod. Now the surviving Pukwudgies were furious and began a reign of terror, kidnapping and killing children, burning villages and seducing the Wampanoag into the forests to kill them. Maushop sent his five sons to kill the creatures but they died. Maushop and Quant took revenge and went to battle themselves killing many Pukwudgies. Some say Quant gave up and became depressed others say that she died by the creatures. Either way she phased out of the Wampanoag culture people’s faith in her degenerated and they turned to Christianity.

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