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One of the Valkyrie. Her name means ‘Shield-Destroyer’. The Valkyrie extremely attractive women and skillful warriors. They lived in the heavens and were commanded by Odin, the leader of the Norse gods of Valhalla. Great warriors who had died in battle were chosen by the Valkyrie to fight in the heavens as a form of training. After each fight their wounds would be regenerated by the Valkyrie and thus they fought endlessly to prepare for the final battle Ragnarok. The Valkyrie were great warriors themselves and had the ability to regenerate. Some say that there were 36 Valkyrie while other myths state that there were 13.

The other 12 are; Goll ‘Battle Cry’, Geirolul ‘Spear Charger’, Hrist ‘Shaker’, Hildr ‘Battle’, Herfjotur ‘Army-Fetter’ Hlokk ‘Battle Noise’, Mist ‘Cloud’, Radgridr ‘Bossy’, Reginlefir ‘God’s Daughter’ Skeggjold ‘Axe-Age’, Sigrdrifa ‘Inciter to Battle’ and Thrudr ‘Power-Woman’.

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