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A fox of many children stories and fables. Reynard always gets into trouble and tries to come out on top. His stories appear in English but originate in France, Holland and Germany. The tales are satires that poke fun at the mendicant order of monks in Christianity.

In one story Reynard persuades the wolf called Ysengrim to eat a farmers ham instead of himself. Reynard then pretends to be exhausted and collapses on the floor near where there is a farmer. The farmer places some meat on the floor in hope to catch the fox. Ysengrim intervenes and takes the meat for himself. Reynard’s wants pay back and so he suggests that Ysengrim should dangle his tail in icy cold water to catch fish. Eventually the wolf’s tail becomes trapped in ice. Reynard then runs away and catches a priest’s chicken. The pair of them race back to where Ysengrim is to kill him. When they come close, a woman chops off Ysengrim’s tail who then escapes.

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