Also known as Seal Maidens

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  • Celtic Celtic (culture)
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Similar to the Selkie except more forgiving to man. It lives in the sea and is known to the people of Gaelic beliefs. The Roane is a seal that can throw off its skin and assume human shape.

There is a story of Roane and how he encountered a seal trapper. At one time there was a seal-trapper that was about to kill a bull-seal but he dropped his knife in the water and the seal escaped. Later that night he heard a knock on his door and opened it to see a stranger standing there. The stranger made an order for many seal skins and persuaded the seal trapper to ride on his horse to where many seals were. They both rode to a cliff and jumped into the sea. While swimming they both transformed into seals. They went to a cave where Roane was who asked him if he recognised a knife. The trapper saw the knife to be his own and was then led to where the dying sea-bull lay. Roane instructed the trapper to use the knife to make a circle around the wound and then to place his fin around it while praying for the sea-bull to be healed. The trapper healed the creature and vowed never to harm a seal again and was then taken back home and restored to human form.

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