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One of two Giants who fought each other. His opponent was Tama-Te-Kapua. Ruaeo had a beautiful wife that Tama-Te-Kapua was jealous of. Tama-Te-Kapua was a captain of a ship and the two Giants frequently travelled together. One day Tama-Te-Kapua tricked Ruaeo by telling him to leave the boat and go ashore on the island of Aotearoa. Whilst on land, Tama-Te-Kapua set sail to Ruaeo’s home at Hawaiki to claim his wife. When Ruaeo returned the two Giants fought each other in a furious scuffle. Ruaeo took a handful of lice from his bag around his neck and rubbed it into his opponent’s hair. He then clamimed,

“I have defeated you! You can keep our woman as your compensation, because I have defeated you.”

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