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A type of Patupaiarehe fairy from the myths of the Native New Zealanders. He stole a woman to keep for himself. The lover of this woman called Tarapikau found her missing and went to rescue her. Before setting off on his journey he sought advice from his god. His god said that he should tell the fairies of Ruatane to perform the Haka dance. When Tarapikau found the fairy army of Ruatane, he persuaded them to do the Haka dance. They did this all night and by morning they fell exhausted. At this moment he took the opportunity to rescue his unguarded lover. When Ruatane discovered what had happened he summoned a massive army of fairies to crush Tarapikau. However Tarapikau gathered his own army of warriors. When the two armies met and Ruatane saw that he was outnumbered, he conceded the battle and left.

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