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A creature of medieval Europe that had a body as large as a bull but of a deer in shape and with red fur. It had the head of a goat with 74 horns. The Sadhuzag creates beautiful sweet music as wind blows through its horns. It features in The Temptation of St. Antony by Gustave Flaubert. When it meets St. Anthony it proclaims:

“My seventy-four antlers are hollow like flutes. When I turn myself towards the south wind, sounds go forth from them that draw around me the ravished beasts. The serpents come winding to my feet; the wasps stick in my nostrils; and the parrots, the doves, and the ibises alight upon my branches. Listen!

But, when I turn towards the north wind, my horns, more bushy than a battalion of spears, emit a howling noise. The forests thrill; the rivers swell; the husks of the fruit burst, and blades of grass stand erect like a coward's hair. Listen!”

Michal Peled Ginsburg analyzes the work of Falubert and suggests that in this text The Temptation of St. Anthony that the Sadhuzag represents pride. He is the first of a series of mythical creatures that St. Anthony meets and is the first creature of the seven deadly sins. Pride is an attractive sin that seems so pleasant to feel but it is also repelling to others. The Sadhuzag plays wonderful melodious tunes which are attractive but it also emits a howling noise that is repelling. Other mythical creatures that feature in this text are the Catoblepas and the Sciapods which like the Sadhuzag are used to represent one of the seven deadly sins.

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