Sang Gala Raja

Also known as Sa-Raja Jinn.

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  • East Asian East Asian (culture)
  • Humanoid Humanoid (attribute)
  • Cave Dweller Cave Dweller (attribute)
  • Troublesome Troublesome (behaviour)

The King of the Jinn from the beliefs of the Malay people. He has the form of a human with a red chest and black head with long fangs. He lives in the depths of the earth with his wife, Sang Gadin. He has many children such as; Sa-Lakn Darah, Sa-Gunchang Rang Bumi, Sa-Gempar ‘Alam, Sa-Gertak Rang Bumi, Sa-Halilintar, and Sa-Tumbok Rang Bumi. These are separated into the malicious ones who created the Europeans known as Jin Afrit or Jin Kafir and virtuous ones known as Jin Aslam. Some Jinns are roal guardians such as Jin Nemfiri and Jin Lempiri.

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