Also known as Tsiatko.

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These were Giant twig creatures that live in the Rockies of the USA. They were tall thin Native American people who lived in the wilderness. They were not civilised and hunted all day as well as collected wood. They lived in wild placed like animals and would steal fish from humans. Instead of a spoken language, they whistled for communication and enchanted humans with this whistling. They would steal human children to become their slaves so children were warned not to stray too far into the wilderness. If one of the Seatco were killed they would remember who had done it and one day take revenge. They ventured to go hunting but never crossed water. One Native American was reported to have told a story that his grandfather in the mid 19th century captured a Seatco boy who was nocturnal and captured fish, hunted deer and collected wood for fire. The Seatco eventually came and retrieved the boy. Their whistling scared the Native American people and they let the boy go.

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