Also known as Shesha.

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  • Indian Indian (culture)
  • Aquatic Aquatic (attribute)
  • Reptilian Reptilian (attribute)
  • Friendly Friendly (behaviour)
  • Sea Serpents Sea Serpents (common type)

A Hindu serpent with 1,000 heads that wears a purple robe and has many coils. It protected the god Vishnu and fought against the Demon Hayagriva to win back the Vedas that the Demon had stolen from Brahmins. Sesha-Naga then returned these to the Brahmins to teach mankind. Sesha-Naga lives at the bottom of the ocean where his yawns cause earthquakes. It is said that when the world comes to an end from his many mouths will spew many poisons that will devastate the Earth.

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