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  • Multiple Cultures Multiple Cultures (culture)
  • Humanoid Humanoid (attribute)
  • Sorcery and Medicinal Sorcery and Medicinal (attribute)
  • Forest Dweller Forest Dweller (attribute)
  • Friendly Friendly (behaviour)

This name is given to people who posses magical powers who can enter the spirit world and converse with spirits. In the Siberian Arctic, the word Shaman translates as ‘One who is excited’ or the ‘One who is raised up’. They have the power to transform into a bird. Others ride magical horses that can fly. They talk to the gods and perform exorcisms to rid a place of evil spirits. Sometimes the word Shaman originates from the beliefs in the Siberian arctic that a there is an undying spirit that enters into the body of a person. This person then seeks to take a spiritual life. To do this they must go into he woods and practice attaining enlightenment. Once this is done they have become a Shaman and they can use their magical powers. Once this person dies the spirit that first entered them lives on and finds another body to live in.

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