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  • Inuit Inuit (culture)
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A Giant from the people of eastern Hudson Bay and Canada. His name means ‘He Who Does Not Go Ice’. This Giant would hunt for his sister, but because he was big and heavy, he would not go on the thin ice where the best catches were. Instead he would steal fish from other hunters. However, he would never steal from someone who had dirty wrists. The people became so annoyed at this thief that they cleaned their wrists every time they went fishing. This forced Sikuliasuituq to go out on the thin ice to hunt. By doing so he became extremely cold being so far from home. He then met the local people in their village to ask how they kept warm. The people replied that they tie themselves up. When the Giant did so the people stabbed him to death. His sister, no longer able to depend on her husband, starved to death.

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