Silo I Salo

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This is a sky Demon from the folklore and legends of the people of the Soloman Islands. SIho I Salo is a huge man who has ears so enormous that he wraps himself in his ears. Although a Demon he was not a violent or haunting Demon but a creature of an insatiable appetite for all kinds of food. After facing a heavy storm, two fishermen continued to fish out at sea. Silo I Salo came from this storm and saw the huge catch the two sailors had made. He swiftly devoured these fish and demanded more food. The two sailors promised that they will go to another location to bring more food back for the sky Demon. But they never did and left their duped Demon to warn their neighbours of this dangerous creature. Silo I Salo got bored of waiting and when venturing round the local village, he found the two fisherman in their hut. He ate all the food there causing the two fisherman to become hungry. A neighbour of the hut was a sorcerer who put a spell on Silo I Salo so that he could guard vegetable pots from other menacing spirits.

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