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The magical horse of Norse mythology that has eight legs and is the mount to the god Odin. The eight legs resembles the eight directions of the heavens. Hermodr used the horse to jump over the wall of Hel in the underworld. Sleipnir was created by Loki. The gods wanted to build a wall around their fortress in the heavens. They contracted a Giant called Hrimthursar who was a great builder. The promised that if he finished the wall within three years he would be given the sun and the moon as well as having the goddess Freya as his wife. With help from his horse Svadilfari, Hrimthursar built the wall at an alarming rate. The gods then asked for Loki the trickster god to help them. Loki turned into a mare and led the horse Svadilfari away. They coupled together and bore Sleipnir. Hrimthursar ran off and caught them. By the time he came back to finish the wall time was running out. He tried to finish the job but he had no time left and lost the bet.

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