Smok Wawelski

Also known as Stoorworm.

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  • Eastern European Eastern European (culture)
  • Flying Flying (attribute)
  • Reptilian Reptilian (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)
  • Dragons Dragons (common type)

A Dragon from Krakow, Poland. It founded the city of Wawel Hill. It wrecked havoc destroying the land and killing livestock unless it was periodically appeased by being given a young girl to eat. This happened until the only girl left in the town was the King’s daughter. King Karak then offered his daughter to be married to the man who was able to slay the Dragon. A man called Szewczyk Dratewka took the challenge. He stuffed a lamb with sulphur and left it to wander up to the Dragons cave. The Dragon then devoured the lamb and the sulphur in his belly made him incredibly thirsty. When the water mixed with the sulphur in his belly his stomach exploded and the beast was killed. Dratewka returned heroically and married the King’s daughter. Smok Wawelski’s cave still exists and is now a tourist shop.

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