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The Snipe comes from the folklore of the North American lumberjacks in the 19th and 20th centuries. This peculiar bird was seen by many huntsmen, engineers, cruisers and hard-rock apprentices and many of them tried to capture the Snipe but non succeeded. The Snipe is described as a blue, green and pink bird with specks of gold. It has feathers on the outside of its body but fur like the Mudjekeewis of Ojibwe legends on the inside. This dual feathers and fur meant that it had a protective coat for the marsh and swamps that it lived in. While swimming, its rigid feathers would fold back forming a perfectly smooth back with little friction against the water.

The Snipe has a curved beak on a bull-wheel base meaning that it can turn its beak to capture insects without turning its head. It stands at 17cm tall and has a third small leg which it uses for balance. One eye has a reptilian vertical pupil and the other has a horizontal slit. Its eyes blink alternatively causing it to have a sharp awareness about itself.

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