Snow Lion

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The Snow Lion is a lion of peace from the beliefs of Tibet. The lion has a white body with a turquoise mane and turquoise striped patches on its body. It also has turquoise tufts on it tail and on its legs. His nose tongue and mouth are bright pink or bright red. Its eyes can range from yellow ochre, brown to blue.

The Snow Lion is said to live in the Himalayas but is so scarce that only those with enough positive karma could see such a beautiful beast. The Snow Lion symbolizes fearlessness and is often depicted in Tibetan Buddhist art on the thrones of the Buddha and is seen ridden by certain Dharma Protectors, spirits that protect the Buddhist tradition. Since Buddha feared no pain nor death and abided in peace, it is said that he was completely fearless and his teachings help us to develop similar qualities. Thus the Snow Lions are depicted and the corners of his throne lifting it up in the air.

The Snow Lion can also represent unconditional cheerfulness, the earth element and the east. The snow lion appears on the national flag of Tibet holding up the three jewels of refuge. The roar of the Snow Lion embodies the sound of Sunyata (emptiness), truth and fearlessness. It also roars the powerful and life changing teachings of Buddha that dispel fear and suffering. Its deafening roar also frees one from negative karma and allows one to be awakened. Some have said the the roar of the Snow Lion is so powerful that it could cause seven Dragons to fall from the sky.

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