Spider Woman - East Asian

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  • East Asian East Asian (culture)
  • Cave Dweller Cave Dweller (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)

In Japan there is a tale of a creature that is part spider and part woman. One night, Raiko saw a skull fly into a cave. He went to investigate but in the cave he was caught up in a web. He saw a beautiful woman approach but then when she completely emerged from darkness, Raiko saw that it was a Spider Woman. He got out his sword to fend of the beast and she retreated. Later Raiko’s companion, Tsuna rescued his master and found the Spider Woman with a sword sticking out of her twisted corpse. Raiko slit her open and all the skulls of her victims fell out as well as her offspring. Tsuna and Raiko where then surrounded by these creatures and killed them all before escaping.

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