Spring-Heeled Jack

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A madman who haunted the people of Victorian England for nearly 70 years appearing as early as 1817 and to as late as 1904 although some claim to have seen him in the US during 1938 - 1945. Reports told of a man who leaped great distances (and up to 10ft in the air). He both startled and attacked young women and claimed to have a serious addiction to rape. These reports featured in national newspapers but many suspected that he was entirely fictional and was created to scare young children like many bogeymen of Victorian England.

On October the 11th 1837, Polly Adams was attacked by a man who could leap over fences. Later in January 1838 a person from Peckham sent a letter to the Lord Mayor of London to describe an attack by a mythical creature called ‘Spring Heeled Jack’. This is how he got his name.

Spring-Heeled Jack was once thought to be Jack the Ripper however his small size and weight proved him to be an impossible killer. Also Spring-Heeled Jack has only been seen twice since Jack the Ripper became known.

One attack ion February 18th 1838 was well documented by the victim Lucy Scales who ambushed by the creature whilst walking through London's Limehouse district. A black man leapt in front of her and spat blue flame in her face. He then leapt to the rooftops and vanished. Many similar attacks happened like this but Spring Heeled Jack never committed murder or rape.

Jane Aslop saw the man in the district of Bow. She described the creature as wearing tight black clothing that was well oiled, a cape and a helmet, icy hands, claws and staring orange eye that protruded from his head. A boy saw the same figure but said the creature had an orange W printed on his costume.

One report on November 1845 stated that a man in a black costume spat fire on a 13 year old prostitute's face and drowned her in a lake. This is the only reported murder linked to Spring Heeled Jack.

He was last seen in 1904 in Liverpool seen jumping across rooftops scaling a church steeple and disappearing behind houses.

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